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Calligraphy has long been revered as an art form and a method of contemplation and meditation that can bring many healing benefits. Even with conventional calligraphy, there are some medical studies that reveal its potential positive influence to improve certain conditions.

Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy is Oneness writing that carries a high frequency and radiates a positive vibrational field. When working with Tao Calligraphy, we are nourished by this frequency and vibration. Master Sha teaches people how to harness the pure positive frequency and vibration of Tao Calligraphy to transform their information, energy and matter and improve their lives. He offers sacred transmissions from the Tao Calligraphy Healing Field that can bring that frequency and vibration into the soul, heart, mind and body to continue to support the healing process.

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Master Sha takes the ancient Tao wisdom that all things are made of Shen Qi Jing – information, energy and matter, and further delineates 3 levels of Shen (Information): the content of information (soul), the receiver of information (heart) and the processor of information (mind). Furthermore, Master Sha teaches that the soul leads heart, heart leads mind, mind leads energy, and energy leads matter. This clearly gives precedence to the soul as the most powerful and influential aspect of life.

Soul healing explicitly applies the power of soul to heal the soul – which is to transform the negative information stored in the soul and to accumulate the positive information in the soul, which leads to positive life changes. We can apply soul healing techniques to change our informational blueprint and hence, change life, including to help mitigate challenges and move toward health, happiness, longevity, and more.