I have been experiencing a chronic dry caugh since I received my first Covid vaccine about 2 months ago. These symptoms have bothered me a lot leading to headaches, feeling tired, sad, out of breath, feeling burning sensations…

A.D. October 2021
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My mental and emotional state had worsened in the last few years, as I was finding it hard to let go, which increased my anger and bitterness over the years.  I would either shout or cry almost every…

H.S. October 2021
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I can’t express how valuable having a consultation with a Master Teacher is. I had a consultation with David a couple of years ago the information that was communicated from the flow put everything into perceptive and from…

P.G. October 2021
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I’ve been struggling with my finances for most of my life. I would constantly go through a cycle where I would have money and then go into debt. With using the tools and techniques I have learnt through Master Sha’s…

A.S. October 2021
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It was the most relaxing 30 minutes of my Wednesday, I never realised how stress could be managed quite so easily. I felt refreshed and rejuvenated it was a total escape from my normal day. Thank You Emerick…

Sue, Exela Technologies – Egham October 2021
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Body tapping and Calligraphy tracing sessions has helped me relax and take a positive approach to tackle the rest of the day at work. It has been beneficial and helping focus on issues. The breathing exercises and meditation…

Nicolas, Chiswick Business Park – London October 2021
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Thank you for arranging it. This one-hour meditation is very good. It involved stretching, breathing and exercising.  Good wellbeing exercise.

Helen, Chiswick Business Park – London October 2021

I loved the workshop! The instructor made us feel so comfortable in a very relaxed space. The concept was completely new to me but by the end made total sense! Would love to do it again.

Class attendant, SOS International – London October 2021

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